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Are you keen on cat art? Then you're going to be amazed by the remarkable works of this remarkable C
  • <div><br/><br/>Do you take pleasure in to check out the interesting work of diverse talented folks that share with their audience exceptional and definitely extremely good crafted things? I have this passion too, and recently I found a sweet blogging site that is created by an unbelievable Chinese artisan that lives in Europe. Her name is Shirley Chen and she was born in Shanghai but now she lives Sweden and does very nice and very exciting creative art and in addition blends this action with website writing and design and style related photography. Hence, on her deeply interesting weblog can be found exceptional creative illustrations that give to the audience an extraordinary sensation of pure beauty.<br/><P><img src=""></P><br/>I had been so enthusiastic about her fabulous and ultra fabulous very creative illustrator works, that I started to look more deeply into her user profile and found out that in her young age she was actually attracted to graffiti and this exercise motivated her to create and paint amazing illustrations. Furthermore, I have discovered that besides creating actually unique and charming drawings, this very proficient and also skilled artist has a love for cats and among her most loved and highly-regarded creations are available out of ordinary cat illustrations as well. So all the cat fans, simply will be happy to discover lovely and fascinating art that represents their adored four-legged buddies. Also, being a many-sided creative personality, Shirley is also keen on clothing fashion and even though, when she started to publish on her blog 7 years back she was discussing only her fantastic works, now she also targets educating her readers about china fashion by presenting to her each day looks and she even brings together them with computer illustrations simultaneously. In addition, it turned out that she is also a fantastic interior designer and by now she had the opportunity to work for various works of art that included wall decoration, candle holders, fabric and embroidered pillows and more. As you see, a wonderful mind and soul can solely develop fantastic elements and produce really genius and artistic ideas!<br/><br/>I guess that at this point you might be seriously interested to see how she fuses the cat art with fashion and style and photography to make a one of a kind site that attracts every day plenty of people eager to discover some brand new and innovative art directions, and I will be more than happy to encourage you to just click on the website link that follows: where you will discover what you want to know about Shirley! Keep close track of her amazing works and concepts and your visuallization can become richer and more creative!<br/>To read more about china fashion go to see our internet page: <a href="">visit here</a> <br/></div>

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