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pomsky full grown
  • <div>Since dogs are chosen, they must be held responsible for them. They can not be beaten and abused or even abused. They can not be discarded at will. From this event, we can see the importance of training dogs. Here's a small book to tell you about golden training ten ways, I hope you can master them, correct their wrong behavior, so that they grow more happy.<br />1) first of all, let's make sure the golden retriever knows the password<br />Since golden retrievers are very sensitive, in order to make them understand and remember, it is better to use short, articulate sentences, and not to repeat them. In addition, avoid loud or angry sounds when issuing commands. At the same time, the same password requires a different tone for the golden dog of different temperaments. For example, the same is "down" on the neurotic dog to command it gently or hearty, of lively dog is loud, flatly order it, breeders should choose different ways according to their dog character.<br />2) be sure to be tough<br />Like any animal, Golden Retriever (details) have very strong vigilance of people, to the way of corporal punishment to force the dog obedience is the most intolerable. From the standpoint of the dog, the unknown being beaten and kicked can only cause the impression of being abused. If it is a very powerful host, golden retriever may be afraid to obey. But dogs growing up in this environment are extremely insecure, sometimes attacking <img src="" align="left" width="203" style="padding:10px;"/>weaker children or old people and even biting people. Therefore, when the golden retriever does not listen to the command, loudly commands, he shoots at the golden face with a water gun, and most of the dogs will be quiet.<br />3) training anytime, anywhere<br />There is a misunderstanding, that golden training is time limited, but in fact it is wrong. In our daily life, such as walking, eating, visiting and so on, we should patiently teach golden dog what is "do" and what "should not do".<br />4) don't make too much praise<br />And education baby is not the same, the Golden Retriever's praise is limited to golden dog, very obedient when. If you praise it on the move, it will make you confused. It does not know when you can be praised, thus increasing the difficulty of later training.<br />5) be patient<br />Golden Retriever is not the only animal that can be taught and remembered one or two times. It requires gradual memory formation during the constant training process. Therefore, ask the breeder to be patient and constantly train it.<br />6) <a href="">pomsky full grown</a> cultivate adaptive ability<br />Golden Retrievers often avoid or bark at them or destroy them when they don't like what they like. This can sometimes cause great trouble to the owner. In this case, first of all patience, must not impatient, let the golden dog slowly close to what it does not like, while constantly talking to him in a gentle voice, calm it down. If the dog is beaten at this time, it will make the golden retriever hide further.<br />7) correct in time<br />When the Golden Retriever is preparing to do something that can not be done, it should be stopped loudly and decisively.</div>

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